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Specializing in Depression within Adolescents

Image by Fabrizio Verrecchia


Sometimes relationships are difficult because there is something missing, for example, you feel you don’t have enough people around you or do you not feel as close to others as you would like to.

Not having someone to spend time with or to turn to when you are feeling sad, or even when you are happy, can make life feel very difficult and lonely. It may lead to you feeling overwhelmed by having to do everything on your


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It is entirely natural to feel sad when someone we care about dies.


Grief can be very similar to depression with symptoms such as feeling sad, having problems with sleep, appetite, feeling guilty, and being more tearful than normal.


These symptoms usually subside within six months and people can more or less get back to their usual roles, jobs, etc.


However, sometimes we can get stuck in the grieving process which can be extremely painful.

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Are you finding that you are arguing a lot with a particular person in your life, or that your relationship has completely broken down? Perhaps you argue over little things or feel that you are not being heard and understood.


One of the key symptoms of depression for a teenager can be irritability and it can be hard to tell what is normal and when to ask for help.

Coping with Change
Image by Anthony Tran


Life changes all the time and you can suddenly find yourself in a situation that is unfamiliar and perhaps frightening.


There is no doubt that Covid –19 has caused a lot of disruption as we learn to live with this virus. Perhaps you have you had sudden change thrust upon you, such as moving house school/college, or perhaps your parents have separated?


This can lead to feeling overwhelmed and upset?

 You have taught me I can trust others and talk about my emotions.
I hope other people going through hard times will be helped by you....

Becky. Aged 16

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