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My Approach

Interpersonal Psychotherapy is a short-term and time-limited treatment that focuses on current relationships and social situations.

I will help you to understand how symptoms of depression relate to what is happening in your life and find ways to deal with these social or interpersonal issues.

My therapy consists of 3 stages. We will start with an initial consultation whereby through conversation we will discuss the problems you are experiencing and any symptoms that you may be exhibiting. 

Once this is fully understood we will be able to determine whether IPT-A is the right treatment for you.

Once determined, the initial stage of the process will consist of 4 in-depth assessment sessions where together, we will look at why you feel the way you do, what triggers or triggered your depression and what is resulting in the continued state of depression.


I find that this is a really helpful exercise as many people do not understand why they feel the way they do and it is quite common to have a sense of guilt for these feelings.


During the second stage of the process, we will explore the links between your relationships and your emotions. Understanding this will allow us to identify potential changes that may improve your relationships, allow you to seek help from those around you, and address your emotional state.

The final stage of the process focuses on bringing the therapy to an end.


Endings can be hard, especially considering that at this point in the process you may have built up a relationship with your therapist.


It is perfectly normal to feel sad at this time. This does not mean that you are relapsing in any way. It is this part of the process where we will be able to explore these feelings and help to establish a plan to ensure that you continue to feel supported.

The therapy will be carried out over a 12 week period with each session lasting approximately 45 mins.

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